Special English Edition: Can Design Change Society?

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We are interested in the Bauhaus from a contemporary perspective— not the fetishization and mythologization of a legacy. In our view, many of the objectives of classical modernism show promise for the present day—be it design’s alignment to utility and function, the belief in the emancipatory potential of design, the integration of design with diverse forms of modernday under standing and technologies, or the critique of the present through design. Our focus lies less on actual Bauhaus products than on the school’s ambitions and methods. In the interests of a reflective modernism, we want to examine and critically reflect on the history of the development and impact of the historic Bauhaus, so that we can also learn from its mistakes and impasses.
This international edition on the work of project bauhaus now offers English readers a comprehensive overview of our multi-year research, artistic, performance, and publication project, which involved the participation of more than a hundred renowned scientists, artists, architects, and designers from around the world.

Arjun Appadurai, Andreas Bernard, Gui Bonsiepe, Beatriz Colomina, Kate Crawford & Vladan Joler, Keller Easterling, Boris Groys, Anke Hagemann & Elke Beyer, Leo Herrmann & Jan Westerheide, Ina Kerner, Reinhold Martin, Marion von Osten, Philipp Oswalt, Gilles Sabrié, T’ai Smith, Łukasz Stanek, André Tavares, Harald Trapp, Fred Turner, Wolfgang Ullrich, Mark Wigley

Benjamin H. Bratton in 
conversation with Victoria Ivanova and Armen Avanessian // Amica Dall and Giles Smith (Assemble)
in conversation with 
Philipp Oswalt // Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius 
in conversation with Christian 
Hiller, Anh-Linh Ngo, and 
Alexandra Nehmer // Armin Linke in conversation with Georg Vrachliotis // Jean-Philippe Vassal in 
conversation with Philipp Oswalt // Peter Weibel in conversation with Georg Vrachliotis // Eyal Weizman in conversation with Victoria Ivanova 
and Armen Avanessian

ARCH+ features 89 – The Bauhaus: 
A Redeeming Requiem
“High Culture is the Wrong Place 
for Punks if They Want to Rock 
the Theater Stage” – Schorsch Kamerun in 
conversation with Antje Stahl 
and Alexandra Nehmer 
plus a photographic essay by 
David Baltzer

Editorial team of projekt bauhaus: Can Design Change Society?: Christian Hiller, Angelika Hinterbrandner, Dorothee Hahn, Alexandra Nehmer, Anh-Linh Ngo, 
Philipp Oswalt, Christine Rüb

Co-editors who supported the editorial team:
Jan Bovelet (ARCH+ 222),
 Alexandra Nehmer (ARCH+ 230), 
Georg Vrachliotis, Armen Avanessian, 
and Victoria Ivanova (ARCH+ 234). Further collaborators: Nicole Minten-Jung (ARCH+ 222), Leo Herrmann, Jan Westerheide (ARCH+ 230), Alexander Stumm (ARCH+ 230, 234)