ARCH+ 222 – Projekt Bauhaus 1: Kann Gestaltung Gesellschaft verändern?

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Can Design Change Society?
Design cannot replace politics, and vice versa. But every design has an irreducible political dimension. Design is not a neutral, objective process, not merely a question of efficiency and optimization. Design always includes decisions on questions of value; it influences interactions, promoting some possibilities and restricting others, recon- figuring social constellations. In all of this, interests are negotiated, and conflicts of interest settled. Unlike classical modernity, we no longer go along with the idea that these conflicts and contradictions can be resolved in the form of a different (classless) society, or through objective scientific decisions. We must constantly renegotiate them, finding appropriate measures of value to do so.

With contributions by Pier Vittorio Aureli, Andreas Bernard, Gui Bonsiepe, Heinz Bude, Anthony Dunne, Thomas Flierl, Boris Groys, Reinhold Martin, Henk Oosterling, Philipp Oswalt, Christian Salewski, Tomás Saraceno, Luigi Snozzi, Wolfgang Ullrich, Jean-Philippe Vassal, Margarete Vöhringer among others.
Projects by 51N4E, Dunne & Raby, Hito Steyerl, Lacaton & Vassal, NL Architects and BeL Sozietät Architektur, PlanBude, Raumlabor, Teleinternetcafe and ZUS.
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